'We strive for success for all'

Welcome to the Donington Cowley Endowed Primary School

Our school serves the communities of Donington, Bicker and the surrounding villages. 
The school has 10 classes and 271 children, their age ranges from 4-11 (R-Y6) currently housed over nine classes. The school was originally built in the 1950’s. However, since then further classrooms have been added. The school has a separate music/art room, library and ICT suite. The extensive playing fields are used throughout the year by ourselves, the local secondary school and the local junior football team. Visits are welcome by appointment.

At Donington Cowley Endowed Primary School we offer children and their families a high quality education. Our children take pride in their achievements which are recognised and rewarded.

We foster caring attitudes, considering and appreciating others. Time is spent developing self-esteem, self-discipline and positive attitudes with the child remaining at the centre of all teaching and learning. Our school is safe and friendly with the children being encouraged to value and protect it.

Our school is a place for all our children to lay the foundations for the future in an atmosphere of co-operation and tolerance.

Parents are warmly welcome in school. They are encouraged to openly discuss any concerns and to play an active part in the life of the school. In partnership, we aim to develop the potential of every individual.

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To create a caring, happy and vibrant school where all children are challenged and inspired to achieve their full potential, whilst developing a love of learning that will continue to enrich and motivate throughout life.

                              "We strive for success for all"