30/10/2020   Closing Date for Secondary School Applications

The closing date for making an application for your child to start Secondary School in September 2021 is 31st October 2020.  Parents will need to either apply on-line at www.lincolnshire.gov.uk/schooladmissions or make a phone application by contacting the Education Team on 01522 782030

02/11/2020   Term 2 begins - children return to school

25/11/2020   Influenza Vaccination - Second Round

Nursing team to visit school to administer second round of Influenza Vaccination's to those children who were absent or not registered for the first round of vaccinations on 12th October 2020.

17/12/2020   End of Term 2

04/01/2021   Start of Term 3 - children return

12/02/2021   End of Term 3

31/03/2021   End of Term 4

19/04/2021   Start of Term 5 - children return

07/06/2021   Start of Term 6