Keeping Children Safe, I.C.T. and e-safety

The opportunities that ICT gives our young people as they grow are both wide and fantastic.

With this ever changing world comes ever changing challenges.

It is important that all children are kept safe from things which could make them upset or put them at risk.

At school we help the children to think about their use and behaviour of computers.

In discussions with them and using government advice we can minimise the risks.

Below you will find links to the school guides and useful websites which will help you to be aware of e-safety issues and how you can help your child be Cyber Smart.


Operation Encompass - please click here to read all about this scheme that our school is part of.

Operation Encompass Safeguarding Statement


National On-line Safety

Free Online Safety Guides

How to set up parental controls for apps on Android phones and iPhones 

Some adults tend to ignore the parental controls on their smartphone, because they expect them to be hard to understand and complicated to set up – but actually it’s surprisingly simple! This #WakeUpWednesday, National Online Safety have produced step-by-step guides to help parents adjust these settings to block unsuitable games and apps from their child’s iPhone or Android smartphones.

Whether a young person plays games and enjoys apps on their own phone or borrows a family member’s, it is worth spending some time reviewing the parental controls on that device. The guides walk you through the process, to help reduce the chances of children downloading and using apps or games which are not appropriate for their age group.  Please access this the guides by clicking on the link below:



NSPCC - Help for Parents

To help parents keep their children safe online, NSPCC have launched their Net Aware app to give parents the tools and knowledge to access advice on the go. Net Aware is the only guide for parents where social networking sites and apps aimed at children are rated by other parents, helping them make an informed decision about which is most appropriate for their child at different ages.


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Lincolnshire Safeguarding Children Board has asked us to share information regarding the game, 'Fortnite'. This game is available to play on X-Box One, Playstation 4 and PC. Please click here to access this important and useful information.

Lincolnshire Safeguarding Children Board has asked us to share information regarding YouTube.  Please click here to access this important information


The Health Impacts of Screen Time

You may have heard in the National News about the recent report into the health impacts of ‘screen time’.  Please click here to access a fact sheet which may be of interest to you.


Lincolnshire Safeguarding Children Board  in conjuction with the NSPCC have produced some important and useful information on 'Peer Pressure'.  Please click on the links below to access this information.

Peer Pressure

Saying No to your Friends



Lincolnshire Safeguarding Children Board have produced some important information on 'Snapchat'.  Please click on the link below to access this information.


National Oline Safety

Almost two thirds (63%, to be exact) of Snapchat users check the app at least once every day, while almost half (49%) log in more than once – with an average stay on the app of around 30 minutes. Such repetition hints at compulsive behaviour, but potential addiction isn’t the only online safety risk associated with the popular image- and video-sharing platform.

Snapchat has previously faced criticism over the many ‘beautifying’ filters and effects which have been linked to self-esteem and body-image issues – while the fact that messages can be set to automatically delete is seen in some quarters as facilitating sexting. Our #WakeUpWednesday this week has all the essential information that parents and carers need about Snapchat.  Please click onthe link below to access more information:



Lincolnshire Safeguarding Children Partnership

Please find below the links to factsheets regarding parental conrol settings for several social media platforms.  It is vital that these controls are reviewed regularly so that children are not subjected to extreme or inappropriate content on Social Media Platforms:

Tik Tok



Thinkuknow Parent Helpsheet